We are happy to announce the new club tie is now available.

The new tie was intended to be the City Club ‘City’ Tie as opposed to what we consider the ‘Country’ Tie design currently in use. It is in no way intended to replace the existing tie which will continue to be made available to the members. On the contrary, it is intended to complement the existing tie and to give the discerning Chester City Club Member a choice of tie depending on his attire and circumstances.

The three colours in the stripe mirror the yellow, green and sandstone pink currently found in the existing tie and as derived from the Chester City Club logo. The only other colour in the existing tie is blue which we made the main background colour of the city tie but altered the shade to more of a navy blue which was felt to be more agreeable.

A prototype tie was made which incorporated the Chester City Club logo, but this was felt to be too ‘busy’.

The ties were designed with the assistance of William Turner & Son and ultimately manufactured at their Cheshire base in Stockport.

The ties have been priced at £27.50, the same price as the existing tie and are 100% silk.