The Club held a Trafalgar Lunch on Friday 20th October and as is usual these days, was a sell out event. The President having spent many long hours researching the event, handed out a number of roles to members to speak about the day.

Tim Warrington took charge of the event as Master of Ceremonies and once The Vice President, Tim Leaman had said Grace, Jim Brotherhood took to his feet to talk to us about the background to the battle.

Following the starter, Rodney Witter spoke about The Commencement of Battle. As is Rodney’s way, he expanded on his piece and ensured we were all well informed about who was where and why as the battle started.

After the main course which was a really exceptional Roast Sirloin of Beef, Alex Horne stood to speak about The Fatal Shot itself. Just to add to the authenticity, Alex also lit a small amount of gunpowder. As the fuse hissed, members sitting nearby could be seen moving back in case the amount had been too generous and the bang bigger than expected! The video (along with photos from the day) can be seen by clicking here.

The Course of the Battle was explained by Michael Trevor-Barnston (whom we suspect may have been behind the gunpowder as this is not something most people happen to have lying around!).

After the meal, The Loyal Toast was given by The President, Nick Spall who then handed over to Nick Jenkins who explained the situation at Trafalgar at 2.30pm and The Fighting Temeraire.

This only then left David MacKenzie to talk about The Death of Nelson and Aftermath of the battle.

The Final Toast ‘The Immortal Memory of Lord Nelson and those who fell with him’ was given by The President, Nick Spall after which we all retired to the bar to discuss what was a really splendid lunch.