What a splendid lunch the St. David’s Day turned out to be. The Welsh contingent were on fine form and very vocal, especially after the win over England last weekend in the Rugby! The President and Vice were made to agree it was a well won result.

The lamb was once again supplied by Past President Peter Lewis and the Club Chef did a splendid job of the whole meal. At the end of the meal we were all treated to a Welsh Whiskey which certainly did add a bit of fire to the mouth! Freddie Storrar had made all the arrangements for the day and between his organisation and the Club Manager’s room decorating everything looked perfect and ran smoothly. the Club staff once again did a wonderful job of looking after us.

Under the watchful eye of Piers Dutton who managed proceedings, we were treated to a number of readings, poems and other Welsh related treats from the likes of Roger Dutton, Huw Davies, Peter Lewis, Rodney Witter and John Evans. Alf and Roger Croston even got in on the act with a couple of pieces to entertain the room. We had the addition of some singing in both English and welsh which proved very entertaining and my thanks go to John Williams for doing such a great job on the keyboard.

The Snuff box was replenished and was passed around the room, much to the delight of the members.